About Anyone

Hi. Excellent. Lovely. I could be Anyone. An old fat guy posing with a handsome duck face, or a sixteen year old trying to be mature. What to do?

I could write that I am 6ft tall girl with long blonde hair. Old enough to be called immature, young enough to get my ID-checked when the girl behind the counter doesn’t believe my blue eyes (although come to think about it, it has been some time since… ). And I could type up that I like all things that make me curious and smile. But this is the Internet so no one believes anything without some pictures of such a girl in flattering filters and weird dresses… and even then I could’ve stolen those from some random Instagrammer in bikini. Unfortunately, I usually consider selfies a bit boring so you’ll never know for sure. The good news is: I like words from time to time.

Writing to myself or anyone in particular. Smiling about life and nothing specific. After years of entertaining just a very selective group of friends with personal observations on Facebook and experimenting a couple of months with imaginary tales of trouble on Instagram, there was peer pressure to go public. I saw a blog on sale, and bought the last one available.

So this is my initial public offering. An attempt to merge the archives of ‘so far’ and keep on writing. Adding one comment after the other on stuff. Glad you came over to read along. You are very welcome to my travel adventures, tiny tales, random poems and views on things like: voting, public transport, fashion (ootd: socks), DIY (it’ll definitely break), make-up tips (good luck with that), cooking (put it in a pan, stir, stir some more, check if stove is actually on), movies, raising my parents or even the efforts I put in looking at the weather.

Q: I can’t read some posts, what language is that?

A: Dutch, I guess. I could, of course, write this blog completely in my native language but I decided not to bother and I’ll mix the Dutch with English. Just for fun and curiosity to see how quickly this will annoy you. Spelling is an issue in both so don’t you worry. Read it, don’t read it, as long as you are happy (I’ve noticed that is basically the goal of any blog out there so I’ll stick to that tune).

Q: No, but who are you really?

A: Really? Anyone. Someone online. Just like you. No-one Specific. I might not even be real. I don’t know. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Yours truly,

Anyone Specific (Some Fien in Particular)