‘Stakeout Companions’

The Smoking Gum

Trying to hide in plain sight. The gang of cigarette butts was clearly involved in some dodgy shit, with codes and stuff.

Still, the p(ol)ieces of Gum were on top of this ever since they got permission from the judge to shadow “Ciggy”. It was 7 hours now since he got released on a legal error. They would not let the Butts get away with murder this time, or whatever they were up to while blowing smokescreens. They waited some more…

Gum 1: ‘I don’t know why I am shit with women. In the beginning they are all over me but after a while they seem to spit me out.’

Gum 2: ‘I know man, I know. It’s like they create this bubble around you until they are done with you and then, ‘pop’, no explanation nothin’, and you are back on the street. On a stakeout with your partner. Risking your life fighting crime.’

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