Project Oh Potatoe: Lola

Rock(like)band: meet&greet: Lola.

We are talking to Lola, the feisty girl of the band. Pink colored, funky haircut, she’s no angel and she’s proud of it.

She got expelled from school, twice, for illegal underground parties she threw in the school’s garden.

And she was the one caught kissing Taylor Swift during the 2014 Grammies backstage. ‘I was never a girly girl. I was more of a tomboy and was usually hanging with the guys in someone’s parents’ basement. It drove my mom crazy that I didn’t go with her to the gym and eat just carbs all day’

Well, it doesn’t show that she likes to eat. She was voted most gorgeous legs by People magazine in this Christmas edition. After her break-up with Justin Timberlake (before him she briefly dated the drummer in Korn)

she now is rumored to have started dating Bradley Cooper who she met on set of his movie ‘Burnt’.

Since scoring the number 1 hit: ‘Po Po Po (Sand in Tha Toes)’ back in 2015 the band has been touring non stop. How is Lola coping with all the attention and screaming fans every time she gets on stage? ‘I live for the fans. They are the reason we exist and they want us. It’s scary sometimes that they go for everything that we feed them and they always want more but in the end my friends and family keep both of my feet firmly on the ground.’ Does she have any role models herself? ‘Yes! Definitely, the Spice Girls. Ginger Spice was my favorite. Geri is the reason I started dyeing my hair red. After they split up I was devastated. I’d only listen to that weird underground shit for years after.’

Within the band Lola is ‘Crisp Potato’. She has a bite and will crunch you. She usually plays the guitar but also doubles as a background vocalist. Did music come naturally for her? ‘My biggest inspiration to go into the music business is listening as a young girl to Madonna. Her song “Frozen” gives me the chills and fries my brain simultaneously. Every f-%ng time.’ Aside from her rough edges and strong appearance she’s quite the romantic. ‘Deep down I just want what every girl wants, someone to sweep in and take[red. me]-out. But I’d prefer a romantic dinner, not too much light and somewhere quiet where no one else is around. Just him and me and the earth.’ The next single is said to have been written by her and lead singer Steve. It’s said to be the best song on the up-coming album: Yam Sessions. Release date March 26th.

‘The lyrics are very personal and shooting the music video has been an amazing experience. It wasn’t easy. I had to hang around in a hot tub for hours up to a point that I felt completely cooked.’

The studio revealed the title just after this interview took place: ‘Hot, hot, hot!

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