After telling Chimney to back off and stop emitting such filthy slander, Staircase turned around and put its arm around Silo’s shoulder.

‘Chimney, that b’tch, has no right calling you names. She might look shiny and think herself to be the blueprint of perfection but her heart is black and her judgement clouded.’,

Staircase whispered into Silo’s ears.

Flattering Horizontal Stripes

Staircase kept uttering words to help Silo overcome the insecurities about her curves and make her realize she was gorgeous. Staircase even gave a whole speech that Chimneys were a good example that no matter how flashy things seem, it is actually the inside that counts. And that only Silo’s had that.

Hopefully this would put an end to Silo’s eating-disorder too. They needed her happy and full, above all.

‘Duck Face’

Tender Tinder Stories

She clearly went overboard on the concealer and mascara but there was something about her profile picture that was exciting.

There was something wild but she also looked a little high maintenance. He was still not sure whether to swipe…


Blowing fire, swallowing balls. She had so many hobbies. And the other picture had her in bikini.

‘猫食/cat food’

IMG_1917She opened her eyes and stretched her back some more. If she was posing, it was as either the cutest political dissident or the most professional pet-market inhabitant.

Working those eyes, selling those bars, waving that tail.

Cage dancing in the humid rain,

for some boy to come along and pick her up to take her home. Making sure she would not end up two streets down where pet food included chopsticks, instead of tinned cans.