‘Dawn Drinking’

IMG_3358They met at one of the parties of Dawn and became best friends talking over the bonfire. They both saw life as an adventure, not knowing what was lurking within. Every day a surprise. Today was no exception.

Bottle and Shadow sat down, hugged and together watched the sky blush, waiting for the first sunlight to hit the water.

Scattering all expectations.

‘Herbal Nightmares’

photo 1-2 Back in the days, a year ago, I tried to fight global warming for a while. Both by nurturing carbon capture and by eating local, very local.

I failed after countless attempts to motivate them at day 23 of project plants in pots under my command. The parsley gave up on me after a week and the mint, well, lets not even go there.

The basil was the only one still standing, until the snails got him. Read More

Just Missed Snow White

photo 3-8
’An Apple a Day keeps the doctor away.’ If only Snow White had been really into doctors, she would’ve never needed the prince.
photo 2-4
‘Mirror, mirror, on the wall.” Apple was kind of happy with her curves, but still she was considering a boob job as she felt one was slightly bigger than the other.





‘Kiwill do.’



‘You f-‘ng grammar-kiwi.’

It is not o.K,

If I,

Am left out of WE

Sweet tears of sugar,

Fermented fructose fun,

Overripe and great skin?

Kiwis staring at the sun.