‘Herbal Nightmares’

photo 1-2 Back in the days, a year ago, I tried to fight global warming for a while. Both by nurturing carbon capture and by eating local, very local.

I failed after countless attempts to motivate them at day 23 of project plants in pots under my command. The parsley gave up on me after a week and the mint, well, lets not even go there.

The basil was the only one still standing, until the snails got him.

He got infected and I had to put him down in a tomato salad.

Maybe I overreacted, but when in doubt I prefer to be the one that prevented the zombie plant invasion (although, come to think of it ‘The Growing Dead’ would make for an interesting spin-off). Ending his life, it still haunts me. R.I.P. Basil, this summer I’ll have another go at several of your friends.

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