‘Circumcised Box’

red square box on the street
Porn in Public

Gross. Caught them red handed. Locker and Street quite going at it. Pinned against the wall right there, halfway through the alley.

I guess he isn’t used to exposing himself like that in public.

I’ll say that. He looked rather flushed when I caught them on camera. Street did not blink an eye though, like she is used to having people going up and down on her like that day or night. No shame, and she could’ve shaved.

‘Duck Face’

Tender Tinder Stories

She clearly went overboard on the concealer and mascara but there was something about her profile picture that was exciting.

There was something wild but she also looked a little high maintenance. He was still not sure whether to swipe…


Blowing fire, swallowing balls. She had so many hobbies. And the other picture had her in bikini.

‘Pair of Pears’

IMG_3354 Such a cute couple. They ran into each other in the supermarket.

He had eyed her for an hour before fate brought them together in my plastic shopping bag. So romantic.


They’ve been together ever since.

Embracing life, growing old together. In my fruitbowl. Didn’t have the stomach to split them up and eat them. True love until the very end.