‘Too fast & too furious’

dinky toys gone wild

Now all he needed was a vanity plate that embodied his purpose in life ánd world peace. Pussywagon no. 2 simply wasn’t going to cut it this time.

This time he needed something epic.

Like ‘lawnmower’.  That would definitely attract hot girls. Or at least women who were into gardeners.

’Hyde Park II’

Tree-rex, runnnn!!!

Keeping society safe from wild life attacks is important. Not sure keeping trees behind such a fence is the most effective way although they seem to not be going anywhere soon…

But that’s what they thought in Jurassic Park too,

so I am not convinced things won’t go horribly wrong as soon as some storm comes along and the Tree-rex escapes.

‘Eat Your Vegetables’

photo 1-2 copyThe young parents took great care to take the detour whenever they went into town. Basically because it was impossible to get little Tommy to keep walking when they accidentally took the wrong turn. They had to drag him away from all the colours. Everytime.

Tears, tantrum, trouble.

The candy aisle in the shop was a walk in the park compared to walking the red square.


IMG_2086She didn’t even have to say it. He knew she had been with someone else and it broke his heart. He always thought they would be together forever.

Now, no matter how often she said ‘sorry’. He couldn’t stop looking at her without having his eyes tear up. It was killing him.