‘Rocking that crowd’


Well, the opening act was not rocking it. Still they were all hoping the headliner would outperform those 150 dollar tickets. Musicians, as long as they said something like ’the world needs change’, you’d know. ’change’ meant someone was losing coins, to them that is…

Hopes were high, but the light show was lame.

Very lame and almost ’commercial’. And those people close to the stage, of course they had to be taller than anyone, so no-one could see without strechting their arms into the air. Filming everything with their cellphones for later consumption. Thank Steve for that. Going to concerts wasn’t how it used to be. What happened to the lighters? The sea of screens did not really cut it, romance-of-the-music-performance-wise.

Actually what was going on there in front of the stage? Was that someone screaming? They couldn’t see. Yeah, this was a great night. Already a classic.

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