‘Puppy Love’

a bag, closely resembling a dog's face

It had been easy to fall in love with the cute little bulldog and its goofy overbite. She used to pet it and it followed her everywhere.

But now, with it all being grown up and all, it had gotten complicated.

Sure it would still come along on long walks. Sure it would run through falling leaves but it would also chase its tail, bark at strangers and drag her into all kind of shops. Usually at the most random moments when she did not really need any new shoes.

The scariest thing was, it didn’t realize it was just a bag. It would just sit there, on her lap, staring at her. Drooling, wiggling its tail. Demanding from her to take him out again.

4 thoughts

  1. It’s an unordinary way to keep your friend beside you even after he’s gone. Many will find it disturbing, I find it slightly heart warming

    1. Hahahaha I never considered that my bag could actually be made of dog skin. They told me it was Camel. 🙂

      1. I’ve read an article some time ago that owners can have a bag made out of their dead dogs. I don’t know if I’d have the heart to get one done for me though 😀 I thought you were talking about that kind of bag

        1. Hihi no, mine just really looks like a bulldog when I look at it for a while. 🙂

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