Project Oh Potato: Vicky

Rock(like)band Meet & Greet: Vicky

Whenever people talk about the rock (like) band, they talk about Vicky ‘Sweet Potato’. She doesn’t sing [red. at all, so let’s be thankful] but she is the light of the group on keyboard. She started piano lessons when she was 6 years old but failed in her teens to get into the academy.

‘I just didn’t fit in with all those peachy girls.’

She was however hugely popular on Youtube with home videos of her piano skills. And dancing. She got really discovered in the vegetable aisle of Wholefoods by the agent of the group. He walked up to her and just gave her his card and told her to come in and audition. And that was it.

Our interview got re-scheduled 3 times but when we get to sit down with this little angel it’s all smiles and wow! If you were a biscuit, which would you be? Vicky: ‘Oh, I like everything but my favorite are onion flavored crisps.’ (note: we did not follow up on this question due to her acclaimed eating disorder).

Vicky is known for her fashion sense and her long blonde hair. So we, at the magazine, were very surprised to Read More