‘Sunset stress’

IMG_2442She knew taking photo’s wasn’t her forte but this sunset was really hard to capture. It had basically tried to dodge her lens like any other second, f-ing sun and its whimsical routines.

But that’s what she was supposed to do, now that she was away on holiday.

Take pictures. Of everything.

Make it look like she was having a fun time. Fun time, yeah great. She took her notepad and checked the list again. 14 pictures of sunsets were needed on top of those 26 of a pool.

The weird thing was, she did not remember the sun being so small. Clearly a case of ‘all used to be better when I was young’ which turned out t be false. Only hard, tangible data could be trusted.

Her co-workers had been clearly exaggerating when they went all nuts about sunsets. Like everything, they got exited about the new coffee machine while she was handling the futures index like a pro. But hey, those were at least 27 palm trees so she got more of those than she really needed.

Thinking of coffee, she needed one.

As it said clearly: 35 pictures of ridiculous photogenic coffee. This was going to be one efficient holiday.

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