‘Window of Opportunity’

photo 4Was this it? Was this the way he wanted life to take him? This was not the soft, female voice of his navigation system telling him to go left. She told him to go straight ahead, and in a minute she would probably tell him to make a u-turn.

This was his quarter-life crisis whispering in his ear that all the choices he would make would limit his future options. He hit the brakes. Time for indecisive freeze in the middle of the street. He wanted all, so doing nothing was probably the only way to go.

He would bother no-one if he would just stay here for a bit and watched some YouTube.

In an hour he would search his glove-box. Looking for the Google maps of the road less traveled. That path towards his midlife crisis. He’d forgotten that he used to be great at making treasure maps himself, when he was a child. But then again, in those days he still could be a pirate one day and a doctor an hour later.

‘Titanic’s Childhood’

Young Titanic before meeting Ice Cube.

One of the rare photographs remaining of young Titanic and, what I can only guess, his older brother. This was probably taken by a friend for the family album. Back in the day.

When things were still innocent and playful,

before the fame, the drama and controversy.



In the picture you can still see his childlike innocence. It also explains his inexperience with frozen objects, as I do not see any. If only his parents had taken him skiing, things would’ve been quite different. I’m sure.