The photographer had done a great job including the yacht and getting his ’good’ side.

Seagull ocean view with yacht
Seagull selfie, #nofilter

He had made a great location choice, he reassured himself. The scenery added to his mystique and sense of aesthetic sophistication. It gave him depth too. Still, aside from the success-oozing view from his crib, they could’ve got rid of the shit on his balcony and photoshopped some more so his legs wouldn’t look so fat.


‘Armed Intruder’

photo 2-2
Horror roses



‘Ssssshhh, did you hear that?’

‘Yes, I think I heard something’

‘There is someone at the window’

‘I can hear it scratching…’

‘Sssshhh, look..’


‘Aaaaarggh it has claws!’

‘It bit me! It BIT me!’

‘Run, ruuuun!!!’


Five grains for the price of four

Yeah. Get a good look and take your pick. If you really want some grains I’d sell you a couple.

For a good price.

See, these are very beautiful. I have more in the back you might like. Wait. Special price for you.

Only today.