Project Oh Potato: Max

Rock(like)band Meet & Greet: Max.

The drummer of the band is Max (a.k.a. ‘jacket potato’). Bald with a very well trimmed beard he is what critics have said:

‘the first hipster of the group; way before that was cool and way after’.

He is wearing Hugo Boss in this photo but that is usually not his style. He is more of an ‘ironic T-shirt and jeans guy’, as he puts it. During the interview his shirt says: Some brave patatas bravas.

He has a bicycle and whenever the band is not on tour he grows his own carrots on his rooftop terrace. ‘I like playing around with dirt. Eating organic and the environment is important to me’, Max firmly states. ‘I used to be very into global warming, but these last couple of months I have been fascinated by fighting climate change. I just wish everyone would be more green’, he almost whispers. As he has been arrested for Read More

Project Oh Potatoe: Lola

Rock(like)band: meet&greet: Lola.

We are talking to Lola, the feisty girl of the band. Pink colored, funky haircut, she’s no angel and she’s proud of it.

She got expelled from school, twice, for illegal underground parties she threw in the school’s garden.

And she was the one caught kissing Taylor Swift during the 2014 Grammies backstage. ‘I was never a girly girl. I was more of a tomboy and was usually hanging with the guys in someone’s parents’ basement. It drove my mom crazy that I didn’t go with her to the gym and eat just carbs all day’

Well, it doesn’t show that she likes to eat. She was voted most gorgeous legs by Read More

‘Duck Face’

Tender Tinder Stories

She clearly went overboard on the concealer and mascara but there was something about her profile picture that was exciting.

There was something wild but she also looked a little high maintenance. He was still not sure whether to swipe…


Blowing fire, swallowing balls. She had so many hobbies. And the other picture had her in bikini.

Black Screen

Aangezien het mooie weer volgens mij de vrijdag heeft aangegrepen er een lang weekend vandoor te gaan en ik de komende dagen ga spenderen aan die verkoudheid definitief overwinnen: tv-tips.

Een van de meest vreemde tv-series die ik ooit gezien heb. Verontrustend (aandoenlijk is wel het laatste dat ik het zou noemen), zeer, zeer verontrustend, maar aanrader: Black Mirror. Ik zou het definieren als: ‘Tech Gone Wrong’

Andere Britse serie die ik onlangs langs zag komen en die ook wel de moeite waard is: Inside No. 9. Onder het label: ‘Absurd Mystery’