‘Rocking that crowd’


Well, the opening act was not rocking it. Still they were all hoping the headliner would outperform those 150 dollar tickets. Musicians, as long as they said something like ’the world needs change’, you’d know. ’change’ meant someone was losing coins, to them that is…

Hopes were high, but the light show was lame.

Very lame and almost ’commercial’. And those people close to the stage, of course they had to be taller than anyone, so no-one could see without strechting their arms into the air. Filming everything with their cellphones for later consumption. Thank Steve for that. Going to concerts wasn’t how it used to be. What happened to the lighters? The sea of screens did not really cut it, romance-of-the-music-performance-wise.

Actually what was going on there in front of the stage? Was that someone screaming? They couldn’t see. Yeah, this was a great night. Already a classic.

‘Expectations vs reality’

Sorbus Aucuparia

So many cherries to pick, so little time. Maybe he was just being lazy. Maybe he had no standards. Who’d knew?

In any case he needed a ladder or at least a leg up. Someone’s leg, going all the way up… To get there he needed to stretch his arm, just a little further, just a little closer.

All he wanted was a little taste, he would not have to eat them all right away.

Right? He could almost touch them. Ripe for the plucking.

‘Those are poisonous, you idiot’.

He knew he should have never brought his nerdy friends along. They would cherry-block him forever with their criticism and snarky comments. They would make him look bad. This was going to be a fruitless attempt. Juice it would be tonight. Cherry juice.

‘Sunset stress’

IMG_2442She knew taking photo’s wasn’t her forte but this sunset was really hard to capture. It had basically tried to dodge her lens like any other second, f-ing sun and its whimsical routines.

But that’s what she was supposed to do, now that she was away on holiday.

Take pictures. Of everything.

Make it look like she was having a fun time. Fun time, yeah great. She took her notepad and checked the list again. 14 pictures of sunsets were needed on top of those 26 of a pool.

The weird thing was, she did not remember the sun being so small. Clearly a case of ‘all used to be better when I was young’ which turned out t be false. Only hard, tangible data could be trusted. Read More


IMG_2086She didn’t even have to say it. He knew she had been with someone else and it broke his heart. He always thought they would be together forever.

Now, no matter how often she said ‘sorry’. He couldn’t stop looking at her without having his eyes tear up. It was killing him.


‘Plants. Growing.’

One night salad, no protection, baby spinach

Baby salads. Baby greens. Look at those cute red curls, look at those innocent green eyes.

I feel like probably every young parent must feel: ‘How da f*ck do I keep these alive?, Who decided I am allowed to be in charge of something living?’How am I ever going to afford tuition for all of them? Where do I get a decent nanny? I suck as a parent, that is evident. All I wanted was a one night salad. And now I am stuck with this. Set up by that vegan girl.

‘How da f*ck do I keep these alive?, Who decided I am allowed to be in charge of something living?’

Besides, this feels like eating veal or lamb, I am not equipped to be confronted with the real world of vegetarianism. Those cruel ways salads are grown and fattened, in small cages.

I just want to buy one that is all grown up, mature. One I can chop up into a ceasar salad without the nightmares of teary leaves waving goodbye to their moms. This isn’t working at all.

Carrots, I am switching to carrots from now on. And I’ll wear rubber gloves when I touch them, just to be sure.